Random Encounters: Orc Ambush

Posted on : 06-05-2010 | By : Brian | In : 4th Edition, D&D, Downloads, Random Encounters


When planning encounters for an adventure, I like to throw in at least a few that are unconnected to the main story, to build verisimilitude and give a sense that not everything in the world revolves around the PCs. I don’t use random encounters; that is, I don’t create these encounters on the fly using a table of any kind. They’re very much planned encounters, with the appearance of randomness. Still, I like the term for this series of posts, so I’ll use it.

At any rate, this encounter is designed to be used when the PCs have camped for the night in a cave, taking shelter from a bad snowstorm. Orcs who are used to the weather and who know the area take advantage of the weather and the late hour to spring an ambush on the unsuspecting PCs.

Without further ado, I give you Orc Ambush.