The Important Article

Posted on : 27-10-2008 | By : Brian | In : Links, Movies, Reviews


As it turns out, the article ‘the’ can be pretty important. Let me explain. I recently rented the movie Gamers thinking that it was the movie The Gamers. The latter is a movie that I’ve heard about on many podcasts, and I’ve heard mostly good things about it. The former is the cinematic equivalent of a wedgie: uncomfortable, unpleasant, and leaving me feeling like the butt of someone’s joke.

Gamers is a movie about a gaming group about to break the world record for the most hours gamed, or some such thing; at least, that’s what it’s ostensibly about. In reality, it’s less about humor that gamers would enjoy, and more about frat-boy dick and fart jokes that constantly point out what big losers these gamers are. They fit into just about every stereotype that exists for RPG enthusiasts. If done tastefully, this would probably have come off as being charming and self-deprecating. As it is, it’s unfunny and mildly insulting. If you enjoy gaming, don’t rent it. If you enjoy movies, don’t rent it. If you enjoy dick and fart jokes, you might find something to like here.