Some Good News

Posted on : 07-22-2006 | By : Brian | In : News


I just wanted to put in a quick post about some cool things that have happened to me recently.

1. I, and my site, have been mentioned on The Round Table, episode 2-10. Mick had some really nice things to say about me, and I’m very appreciative of that. It’s always nice to know that people appreciate your work.

2. Someone took me up on my review offer. I’ve been in contact with TableStar Games, and they’re going to send me a product to review. Expect to see something about that later on.

3. I might be published sometime in the future. A while ago, I sent a proposal for a card game I’ve been working on to a certain game company (I’m not going to name names yet), and they sent me a response yesterday, requesting a playable prototype. So I’m going to send them one today, and hopefully something will come from that. I’m pretty excited. You can expect to hear more about this sometime in the future, too.

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[...] Yesterday my husband got some great news! He has recently designed a card game (a fun one) and a small game company wants him to send them a copy so they can decide if they want to distribute it. He was also mentioned on a gamer podcast!! I just had to share! [...]

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